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Aug 17, 2017 by Will Maule

Robert Jeffress On Trump: "There Is Not A Racist Bone In His Body"

Pator Robert Jeffress has addressed the mounting concern of the mainstream media that President Trump has racist tendencies. Trump recently blamed "both side" for the racist violence witnessed in Charlottesville at the weekend. "We can, must, and will critique the President when his lack of words divides the nation," pastor Ed Stetzer tweeted out. 

But Dr. Robert Jeffress, Trump's spiritual advisor, feels differently about the whole situation. "There is an effort to do whatever is necessary to take this president down and they have painted, the media has painted, the liberals have painted, a false narrative that the president is a racist and anytime he tries to break out of that box, liberals aren't going to allow him to do it," Jeffress told CBN. 

"I know the president… there is not a racist bone in his body," he said.

"We need to denounce the ideologies," declared Jeffress. "I think anybody who plays around with or identifies with Neo Nazis is doing the Devil's work."

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