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Aug 18, 2017 by Will Maule

'I Had A Dream N. Korea Dictator Kim Jong-Un Encountered God And Repented'

A New York-based author has shared about a dream he had in which the North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un repented encountered God and repented of his sins. Jonathan Welton runs a discipleship school and is based out of New Hope Community Church in Rochester and described his dream as "vivid," "detailed" and "prophetic."

Welton saw Kim surrounded by three dark figures, and he knew that they were demons. Each demon had a name attached to its chest. "Arrogance" was the first, "Autarch" (a synonym for dictator) was the second, and the third was "Ancestral momentum." 

"Those three demons were surrounding him, were speaking into his ears and he was being pressured and pushed by these three demonic spirits," Welton recounted in a video he posted on Facebook. 

Then, something incredible happened. Four leaders from the Church appeared and as they did so a stream of water began to flow from each of them. Those streams of water washed the demons away from Kim. 

Then, angels replaced the demons. Three angels, with three different names. "Humility" was the first. Then there was "Servant Leadership" and the third, "New Creation," according to Christian Post.


"The Lord was beginning to speak to him over and over again, it would wake him up like King Nebuchadnezzar was woken up in the night with a dream from God," Welton said of Jong-un in the dream. 

Now, he is calling Christians to pray over this dream!

Watch Jonathan talk more about his dream below. 

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