Jesus Culture Band


Author: Will Maule

Fresh Outpouring - Jesus Culture

I think we can all agree on one thing: we need a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on this earth, and in our lives. True revival will only come when we have a true hunger and desire for more of God, and this is what Jesus Culture's new track 'Fresh Outpouring' is all about. It is a must-listen! Check out the lyrics and the song below. 

Renew us in this day 
Just like You said You would 
Your word is not in vain 
Our hearts reaching heavenward

Fresh outpouring 
Tear the fabric open 
Come, Jesus, come 
Breath of Heaven 
Nothing left unshaken 
We long for more

We need a fresh outpouring 
Unleash a fresh outpouring 
We need a fresh outpouring 
Unleash a fresh outpouring 

As temporary fades 
Let glory invade this earth 
Your power on display 
Our eyes looking heavenward

There is fire stirring in our bones 
A shout is rising, rising up inside 
Soak the earth, come and fill our hearts 
Your voice is calling, calling us to life

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