Aug 18, 2017 by Will Maule

This Is The Best Motivational Video You Will Ever See

This is the best motivational video you will ever see, trust me. "Why are you crying?" the Karate teacher asks the young boy. "It's OK to cry. We cry as men, by why are you crying, son?" The young man is attempting to punch through a slate during a test in his Karate class when he starts to weep. "It is hard to punch through with my left hand," the boy says through tears. 

"But you did it, though. You punched through it before. You know in life there's gonna be things harder to do than other things," the teacher says. "Yes sir," the boy replies. 

"And you know those things that may appear to be hard to do, you're gonna have to do as a man, regardless."

"And it's gonna take tears, the blood of Jesus and your sweat to break through it." 

This video has been watched over 15 million times. You HAVE to see it. 

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