Aug 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Trump's Evangelical Advisers: 'Leaving Him Would Be Immoral'

Some of Trump's more loyal evangelical advisers have asserted their view that it would be immoral to abandon the President at this crucial time in our nation. "While CEOs are walking away from Trump here are the names of his Evangelical Religious Advisory Council—men & women of God who have said nothing about his handling of Charlottesville or stepped down from his side. Is your pastor on this list? Shame when business is more righteous than church," Howard-John Wesley, pastor of Alfred Street Baptist wrote on Thursday. 

But Jack Graham, pastor of the Dallas-area, 40,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church says that now is not the time to abandon the President - that he needs their advice more than ever at this divisive time. "What we may say to the president privately in calling him out, or expressing our concerns anything he or a member of his team might do ... people want us to expose the president or to express our disdain for this, that or the other. That's not our responsibility as I view it," Graham said, according to The Christian Post. 

"Do we want him to be more of a uniter right now? Absolutely."

"Back when President Obama had a similar group around him, a faith advisory group, I had some friends that were in that group, including T.D. Jakes here in Dallas," Graham said. It would be 'immoral' to leave him now, the pastor asserted.

"It's hypocritical that the same people who wanted Christians there for Obama don't want Christians there for Trump."

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