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Aug 22, 2017 by Will Maule

Watch John Crist's Hilarious New Video On 'Pastor Prepping His Solar Eclipse Sermon'

Comedian John Crist has continued his series of short spoof videos with a what he believes pastors will say on Sunday following the solar eclipse yesterday. "Some of ya'll are focused on the S-U-N when you need to be focused on the S-O-N," Crist declares. 

"The moon moves in front of the sun to create darkness in certain areas. Let me ask you this question right now, 'what are the moons in your life?'" John continues "there are people in this room right now that need a heart, mind and soul-ar eclipse."

"Yeah, a solar eclipse happens about once every 18 years and that's about how often I see some of Y'all in Church!"

Watch the brilliant video below. 

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