Julia and Ryan


Aug 22, 2017 by Will Maule

After Losing Three Babies In A Year, Julia Jeffress Sadler Is Having TRIPLETS

The daughter of First Baptist Dallas pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress, Julia Jeffress Sadler and her husband Ryan have had an incredibly tough year. They lost three babies in the space of 12 months. But they could not have expected how God was about to bless them. Following their personal tragedy, absolute joy has now come! The couple is now pregnant with TRIPLETS. 

"Don't think keeping this has been easy, it hasn't," Julia said in a video announcement with her husband. "We hope this story encourages faithfulness, love and creativity!" 

"After losing three babies in a year, God blessed us beyond anything we could hope or imagine...Sadler Triplets Coming Soon! ! !" the couple posted on their Facebook page. Watch the AMAZING Video below. 

Julia and Ryan Sadler are authors, speakers, student ministers, and expectant parents to triplets in Dallas, Texas! Join their journey at juliajsadler.com

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