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Aug 22, 2017 by Will Maule

Lysa Terkeurst's Daughter Opens Up About Her Devastation Over Dad's Affair

When Proverbs 31 Ministries president Lysa Terkeurst announced that she was splitting from her husband, Art, a big section of the Christian world went into shock. With poise and grace, Terkeurst explained that she had tried her hardest to remain with her husband, but his refusal to leave an extra-marital affair forced her to go the way of divorce.

Now, her daughter Ashley Terkeurst Hodges has opened up about this devastating experience in a new blog at Sadie Robertson's website 'Live Original.' "Only 4 short months into marriage, I found out my dad was having an affair," Terkeurst Hodges writes. "WHAT?!...” I could have sworn I was dreaming. “There’s no way this is true.” “No, like you don’t understand... I know that’s not true… my dad would NEVER do that.”

Ashley also discusse the issues this news brought upon her new marriage. "Imagine this – the father you trusted your life with for 20 years breaks your trust in the worst way possible. How the heck was I supposed to now trust David? A man I’ve only known for a little over a year," she writes. "Thankfully, David and I got great counseling, and I learned that he is not my dad and that David has never given me a reason not to trust him."

Ashley highlights three key thing she does on a daily basis when the pain of what happened in her family threatens to overwhelm her. Firstly, she studies the word of God. "God will speak to us so tenderly, powerfully and perfectly through His written word," she writes. Then, she worships. "Turn on your favorite praise music (really loud) and get lost in praising God for who He is and who you are because of Him. I am determined to walk through this trial with praises, mixed with my tears, so that others can experience Jesus through me. My tears will turn into a victory for the cause of Christ," she explains. 

Finally, she chooses to look beyond. "Look beyond your pain, current circumstances and what you’re feeling right now. Find comfort in God’s truths, knowing that He uses all things for good – that there’s a purpose for your pain. In adversity, you have the opportunity to shine Christ’s light brighter and louder than ever before," she writes. 

"If you are going through a hard time, this is my prayer for you: I pray God gives you grace to suffer well. I pray He surrounds you with a community of love and support. I pray he gives you strength to do more than “just make it” through this season, but to shine so bright through it."

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