Aug 22, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Steven Furtick on a Revolutionary Way to See Your Problems

Pastor Steven Furtick recently shared a video on his Facebook page in which he explained a revolutionary way to see your problems. 

"Some of the greatest things that you'll see God do in your life will be because you went back and looked again," he says, in the video that has gotten over 9 million views. "Some of the greatest things God will do in your life will be when you said wait a minute, let me look at this differently." 

He goes on to explain how crucial these moments can be, moments when we take the last-minute chance to look at a situation differently. When things seem impossible, he says, it's not always a lack of God working, it's our inability to see what He is doing. 

"We always think that God's presence is provided to fix our problems," he says. "But what if God's presence is more about fixing your perspective so that you have a new way to see your problems?" 

He says he could easily tell the whole audience that God has fixed all their problems, but if he did that, all those people would go home disappointed, because they would see the same problems when they got home. 

He says this is because the way we look at our problems more than it is about the problems themselves. 

"We always think that the opposite of faith is doubt, the opposite of faith scripturally is not doubt, it's sight," he explains. "Sometimes you'll look at something in your life and it will seem like there's no way out. That's how Moses felt when he was standing at the Red Sea, and he wanted to know 'What do I do about these chariots?' and God said, it won't be the chariots that will kill you, it will be your complacency, because I can make a way through it if you look again."

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