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Aug 23, 2017 by Will Maule

Franklin Graham Prays For Trump At Rally: "Fill Him With Grace And Humility"

Rev. Franklin Graham has made an appearance at a vast Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona, where he led the huge crowds in an incredible prayer. Graham addressed the issues that face the United States today, and prayed for unity, and specifically for the character of President Donald Trump.

"I have been asked to pray. I know we have many religions. But I want you to know, I don't know how to pray a generic prayer," Graham declared. "Like one prayer fits all? I don't know how to do that. If you don't mind let me just pray the way my mama taught me, alright."

"Apart from you, we have no hope," Graham prayed, with thousnds in attendance, following his every word. "We come tonight as a troubled nation. We're broken spiritually, we're divided politically, we're divided racially, and we are adrift morally, following whatever direction the wind of popular culture blows, with no regard for your word or the consequences of our disobedience."

"We ask tonight for your help," pleaded Graham. "There are those in our country who want to preach hate. And father it's my prayer that you will shut their mouths like you shut the mouths of the lions years ago."

"Father we pray that you'll heal our land," declared Graham.

"Bring us together as one nation under you."

"Lord I pray tonight you would unite this country for your glory."

Then, a word of prayer for the President.

"Tonight, I pray especially for our President as he leads the US through these difficult and troubled days. I pray you would protect him and Melania, their family. Give them your wisdom. Fill him with grace and humility, and empower him with your strength from on high."

"We also pray for VP Mike Pence, that you would guide and direct his steps." 

Watch the incredible moment of prayer below.

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