Pastor Francis Chan


Aug 23, 2017 by Will Maule

Watch How Francis Chan Brilliantly Handles An Interruption To His Talk

As a preacher, there is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted mid-flow. You have a point that you are working towards in your mind, and it is suddenly swept away when you notice or hear something in the congregation. Well, that is exactly what happened to preacher Francis Chan, but he dealt with it brilliantly. 

Chan was in the middle of speaking when he heard some people talking outside the door. "Can someone close that door. They are all yelling in Chinese or something?" 

"They're fighting," he says to rapturous laughter. "What was I talking about?" asks Chan, at which point, someone in the congregation jogs his memory. Chan listens to them. "Oh yeah, yeah, Isaiah 15."

"Just give me a second," he pauses. Then he is straight back into his message. Such a brilliant moment of humor and humility. 

Watch it below! 

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