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Aug 24, 2017 by Will Maule

Does Handing Out Gospel Tracts Actually Lead People To Christ?

When you think of street evangelism, you may think of gospel tracts. The point is to hand some faith-based literature to someone in the hope that it doesn't get shoved to the bottom of their 'miscellaneous' pile, or worse still, thrown in the trash. But do gospel tracts actually work in leading people to Christ? 

"They've been called 'hit and run' evangelism, where people just go out and throw tracts at people and call that evangelism," says Dr. Timothy Beougher at Souther Seminary. "I think part of that stems from the fact that there are a lot of very bad tracts out there. It may have soured them on the experience."

But Beougher argues that they can also be used to great effect.  

"But there also are some wonderful tracts out there. If you utilize a good tract, this can be a very effective means of communicating the gospel," he says. Beougher adds that gospel booklets should simply be "one tool" in your evangelism toolkit. 

So, how can they ever be truly beneficial? 

"To help new believers share their faith," argues Beougher. "When someone first comes to Christ they're excited about Christ, they want to share that with as many as they can. They've not memorized scripture, and probably can't articulate a clear gospel outline. But if you can read and turn pages, you can share a gospel booklet." 

"The second reason why I believe they're valuable is that a gospel booklet is something that you can leave with someone. I've started many gospel conversations that I wasn't able to finish, so I've simply put a booklet in someone's hands and know that then they have the gospel that they can read over later.

"One of those instances, some four years later I received a phone call from an individual that i'd given a booklet to who had finally read it and had come to faith in Christ."

Watch the full video below. 

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