Aug 25, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Frustrated With Censorship, Christians Start Their Own Social Network

Many conservative Christians have been complaining of Facebook censorship as of late, but now, a group of preachers has taken matters into their own hands by creating a Christian social network, 

"People were asking me for years to [build this kind of site] and I always said no," says Rich Penkoski, one of the co-founders of the website and a West Virginia-based preacher. Tired of being constantly banned for their preaching against LGBT issues, he and a group of friends started Social Cross to give Christians a platform to speak and interact. 

"I kept getting banned," he says, referring to the notorious 'Facebook jail' that many users have been finding themselves in lately. "I just got off another 30-day ban. Another one of our guys got banned for saying, 'Jesus Christ can cure homosexuals from homosexuality.' He got banned for that. It was my ministry team that was like, 'This is the time to really start [the website].' I prayed about it a lot. I said, 'You know what? Let's do it.'"

Although the website was specifically designed for Christians, they are open to any members as long as they recognize it's Christians who are making the rules. 

"The whole idea is that it's a Christian site, run by Christians, designed by Christians and based on biblical principles," Penkoski said. "But anybody and their brother can join so long as they understand that we're a Christian site run by Christians."

Although a huge driving reason behind the establishment of the website was to give Christians a place to be honest and open about the Biblical perspective of homosexuality, Social Cross is still open to allowing LGBT members to join. 

"LGBT members are welcome so long as they are not going to try to cram that garbage down our throats," Penkoski asserted. "If you want to come and ask honest questions and have honest dialogue, you are more than welcome. But if the goal is to comment and force their lifestyle on others, that is not going to be allowed."

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