Aug 25, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Activist Mommy: Practicing Christianity in a Post-Christian World

Elizabeth Johnston, aka “The Activist Mommy” has been making waves on the internet with her fiery responses to hot-topic issues like the Women’s March, transgender bathrooms, Bill Nye's racy "science lessons", and the idea of Hillary Clinton as a pastor. She’s been described in many ways, but the way she describes her own ministry is perhaps the most accurate: it is "Christianity in a post-Christian world."

Recently, Johnston has been the recipient of both praise and harsh criticism for a video she made denouncing and burning a copy of Teen Vogue, a fashion magazine largely marketed to young teenage girls, that featured a “how to” article on anal sex.

She was driven to make this video to warn other parents what was in the magazine their children were reading.

“As a mom with 10 kids myself who's always trying to protect my own children from the hypersexualization of this culture,” she says. “I was outraged when I saw this article. It was a very natural and organic response, I never thought it would blow up the way it did. I just thought people need to be warned, they do not know that this trash is in this magazine.”

“Their daughters [were thinking] this was a fashion magazine that was going to be discussing lip gloss and boy bands and I just thought, someone needs to warn these parents."

Johnston’s internet platform has exploded recently, with her followers tripling in a matter of five months, something any internet marketer will tell you is near-miraculous. This was all done by a homeschooling mother of 10, who made her first video in the family van, her iPhone scotch-taped to the rearview mirror. 

Other than the hypersexualization of our culture, she speaks in defense of the unborn, warns against the ways in which the LGBTQ agenda is permeating every aspect of our culture, the indoctrination of Islam in public schools while Bibles and Christian prayer is banned, and mainstream leftist feminism.

Her video on the Women’s March in Washington on January 21st was viewed over 12 million times and was one of the biggest driving forces in the rapid growth of her platform. This is indicative of the audience she is speaking to, women of God who she says need to be speaking out on these issues, and are emboldened and encouraged to see her lead the way. These women, she says “Need to allow God to use us all in our own sphere of influence to push back against the darkness.”

She says that this response to her ministry makes clear to her that there is a need and a hunger for someone to be speaking out on this issue, and that mothers and fathers have felt the weight of what culture is doing to our children, and that, in part, Christians have failed to minister to this need.

She challenges us to think of how many women of God have really been addressing these issues recently?

“You have your Bible study teachers, and those women are needed, and then you have your Michelle Malkins and your Anne Coulters and Dana Loeschs, who are speaking mainly to political issues, but how many women can you think of who are willing to take the heat and speak on the moral and social issues of the day?” she asks.

She says that for too long, Christians have been quiet on these issues due to the bullying of the left that has been “causing us to fear for our reputations, for retributions, for lawsuits, for losing our stuff,” she says. “Ultimately, we fear losing our stuff more than we fear God, more concerned than we are about wiping the spit of His face. For me, part of what I’m doing is defending God’s character against His critics.”

In her case, it would be understandable to be afraid, but she has resolved that she simply must speak out regardless. 

"I and my family are in danger because of what I do,” she says, explaining that they have received countless threatening phone calls, messages, harassment, and even been stalked.

"It would be easier to stay silent, but my kids and my grandkids are the reason I don't stay silent. Imagine what kind of country I am going to leave for them when I pass on,” she explains.

“We're here because the last 50 years, Christians have thought Jesus is going to come back and rescue us and so we have not engaged in the culture war. We can no longer operate on those terms,” she continues.

“We have left Sodom and Gomorrah for our Children, we have left Rome for our children, and it is going to burn if we do not wake up and engage, if we do not turn back this nation that is completely adrift and running headlong into spiritual and moral crisis.”

She believes that it is not only a vital response to the state of our culture to speak and act, but it is our Biblical calling as Christians. One of the verses that drives her is Ephesians 5:11, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them,” and refers to her ministry as an “exposing ministry.”

Many in the faith community, however, bristle at this type of ministry, but she says that being bold and direct about the forces of darkness is not mutually exclusive from being loving.

“Yes, the Lord has told us to be loving and to be kind and to be longsuffering,” she explains. “Those are things that the Bible has told us to do. But it is never once stated in the God’s Word that Christians are to be nice, that we are to just roll over while people sexualize our children, and pollute their minds at will, and get paid to do so...that we’re supposed to just sit and be silent.”

When asked if she thinks Jesus would be doing what she is doing today, she responds that she believes it is exactly what He would be doing.

“I think what defined Jesus more than anything is that He said to people what they needed to hear, even though it was the opposite of what they wanted to hear and it offended them,” she states.

“We have gotten this skewed idea of what it means to be a loving Christian from Hollywood, silver-screen renditions of Jesus. We’ve been bullied enough by the left, and by the media, that we have abandoned our posts,” she warns.

“We’re not willing to be hated, but the Bible says all those in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution,” she continues. “So the question actually needs to be, if you’re not suffering persecution as a believer...are you a believer? Are you living godly in Christ Jesus? Persecution comes with being a follower of Christ, He said, take up my Cross and follow me daily.”

“I believe that what I’m doing is what Christianity in a post-Christian culture looks like,” she concludes.

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