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Aug 29, 2017 by Will Maule

Folk Duo Johnnyswim Defend Joel Osteen After Brutal Personal Attacks

Folk duo Johnnyswim have defended pastor Joel Osteen after he faced fierce attacks over his response to Hurricane Harvey. There were reports that Osteen did not open the doors to his megachurch despite a growing need for shelter. That decision has since been reversed, and Lakewood Church Houston is doing everything it can to house people. Now, Folk Duo and Lakewood members Johnnyswim have leapt the Church's defense

"People were posting pics after the water began to recede. Much of the building is underground. They worked hard to drain water now open," they wrote on twitter, to which someone replied: "Then why didn't he come out and say that? And these pictures, they're legitimately his church?"

"Yeah man. And there's video of the church entrance the night of he flood and it's way overflowing," Johnnyswim said. 

"Man. I got ATE UP trying to defend him," Johnnyswim tweeted. 

But even with a strong defense of Osteen, Johnnyswim wanted to clear one thing up. "wait, does @johnnyswim subscribe to the prosperity gospel?" one person asked, "but seriously, I want to know."

The band simply replied "Nope."

"He's a dear friend and great man," Johnnyswim said of Osteen. 

I'm sure your 193 followers can attest to your flawless record my friend. I'm doing my best. Love Houston and will use my energy to help.

— JOHNNYSWIM (@JOHNNYSWIM) August 29, 2017

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