Pastor Bill


Aug 30, 2017 by Will Maule

This Advice From Bill Johnson Will Transform Your Bible Reading

Reading the Bible is an essential element of living the Christian life to its fullest. Too often, the busy-ness of life just gets in the way, and we can easily go weeks without picking up the scriptures even once. So, how can we change this? Bethel Pastor Bill Johnson gives some great advice.

"The best way to enjoy reading the Bible is to do it with the Holy Spirit. Learn to recognize the presence. Read till it comes alive," Bill says. "Hear a Bible teacher, a great sermon, read a great book that gives you insight." 

But most importantly, "do it in a partnership with a Holy Spirit," urges Pastor Johnson.

"In the Kingdom of God, we get hungry by eating. We don't get hungry by not eating. In the natural, we get hungry by not eating. But the Kingdom is a different Kingdom," he explains.

"If I feel like I'm lacking insight on prayer or the motivation to pray, I will start reading on that subject throughout the scripture, even though I'm not hungry or interested."

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