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Aug 31, 2017 by HelloChristian Staff

Two Reasons Christians Should Stop Saying 'All Sin Is The Same'

It is a common Christian phrase: 'all sin is the same.' But is that technically true? Whilst all sin is offensive to God, and is damaging to ourselves, it is not always the same in its effect or its seriousness, as Dr. Josh Buice explains at ChurchLeaders. He highlights three key reasons this is the case.

1. All Sin Is Not the Same According to Biblical Teaching
"The absolute best method of testing a theology or a popular catch phrase is by Scripture. If any teaching will stand the intense scrutiny of Scripture, it proves itself to be a trustworthy doctrine. This is true on all matters of theology—from bumper stickers to historic creeds and confessions. The question that we must be asking ourselves as we build our positions is, “What does the Bible say?”"

2. All Sin Is Not the Same in Its Effect
"When a person murders another human being who is created in the image and likeness of God, it will have vastly different effects than the person who chooses to lie about their taxes in April. Both are undoubtedly sinful, and both deserve the holy judgment of God. However, both sins will leave different ripple effects in their wake. Not all sin is the same in the effects that follow the decision to violate the perfect law of God."

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