Joyce Meyer


Aug 31, 2017 by Will Maule

Top Five Most Watched Joyce Meyer Sermons

Joyce Meyer is an international speaker, preacher, and author with an absolutely vast audience. She has reached millions with the message that true hope and restoration is found in Jesus Christ. Joyce often preaches out of her own experience of brokenness and is an incredibly powerful communicator. We've put together a list of her top five sermons.

1. Joyce takes a look at the link between our minds and our relationship with God. 

2. We can often let negativity rule our daily lives. But God has so much more for us than this. When we look to him, He shifts our perspective. Watch Joyce talk more about this. 

3. We won't always understand why certain things happen in our lives. But we can know that God is in control every step of the way - we must trust Him! Joyce expands on this in the talk below. 

4. As Christians, we should always seek to keep God first in our lives, but this is easier said than done. Joyce explains how we can get this right, and why it is so very important. 

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