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Sep 01, 2017 by Will Maule

Watch KevOnStage's HILARIOUS Video: 'The People VS Joel Osteen'

Comedian Kev on Stage has released a hilarious video on the public response to Joel Osteen's widely criticized response to Hurrican Harvey. "The People vs Joel Osteen is now in session. Charge? Not opening the Church fast enough," says Kev. 

The Twitter outrage was monumental when it was announced that Lakewood Church in Houston could not open its doors, despite no apparent flooding outside its walls. But the public clearly didn't know the full story. Osteen says there were 'safety issues' and that the Church had 'not been asked' by the authorities to open its doors as a shelter. It has since started taking in people and distributing food and supplies. 

"I did not know how many people knew who Joel Osteen was until this week," Kev explains. "Everybody has had an opinion on Lakewood Church not being open. I think this week revealed a lot of things. People feel strongly about megachurch pastors, and it is NOT in a positive way." 

Kev says that it was as if people were "chomping at the bit" to criticize Osteen. 

So, what if Joel just went off a little bit on live TV? Maybe he has just had enough of the critics? Comic Kev imagines the scenario.

"All y'all can shut up because you don't know what it takes to open a Church of this magnitude," Kev says in a phenomenal Osteen voice impression. "What you need to do is shut your mouth, keep your mouth off your boy."

"I'm sick of it. I'm gonna start knocking people out. You got another thing to say? Cos' they don't call me 'Joely Joel' for nothing."

"You know what, I'm tired of it." 

"Keep talking. I'm still gonna be in Church on Sunday. I'm still gonna be out there. And you still gonna be a broke boy, in the name of Jesus."

"I love ya, I really do. But say another word and its gonna be a problem." 

"Turn to ya neighbor and say 'say another thing and you're getting knocked out, in the name of Jesus'"

Watch the brilliant video below. 

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