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Sep 01, 2017 by Will Maule

Ted Cruz: "We're Grateful For The Prayers Of Believers Across The Country"

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has said that he is appreciative of the prayers that are pouring in from across the United States and the rest of the world following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. 

In an interview with CBN, Cruz also said that such a natural disaster reminds us that possessions are fleeting and that we should value to bigger things in life. "The persistent sentiment was gratitude," Cruz said of meeting the survivors. "They were grateful to be alive. They were grateful to have their kids there."

"It does remind us of priorities in life," he said. "It is traumatic but possessions can be replaced. They are fleeting." He continued "We are so grateful for the prayers of believers across the country and across the world.".

"We personally did not have any damages," he said. "However, we have a lot of friends who did have damages to their homes."

"They've been terrific," Cruz said of the White House response to this disaster. "One of the things that has been remarkable about this disaster response has been the close cooperation and coordination between state and federal officials. They've been working together seamlessly."

"When I spoke with president Trump, he immediately committed full and total support from the federal government. He said 'whatever Texas needs, you got it.'"

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