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Sep 04, 2017 by Will Maule

Why Can't Christians Agree On The Bible?

There are many different interpretations of the scriptures within the wider Christian community. Christians often disagree with each other on key Biblical issues and historically this has caused splits in Church denomination. But why are there so many different interpretations of the Bible, and why can't believers just agree? Dr. Robert Plummer at Southern Seminary gives a great answer. 

"In my mind, I'm thinking is the real issue the rebellious human heart that's resisting the authority of scripture and the reality of the God who is there who we are all accountable to," says Plummer. 

"We really shouldn't be surprised if non-Christians have radically different interpretations of the Bible," highlights Plummer. "But there are genuine questions about interpretation."

"One of the things I like to think about is what Jesus taught us about our heavenly Father. He is a loving Father," says Plummer. "God is not trying to hide the meaning of the text from you. He's not trying to confuse you or mislead you. When we ask Him for bread he doesn't give us a stone."  

We must understand that God wants to help us interpret the Biblical texts.  

"In 2 Peter 3:16, Peter says that some of the things that Paul writes in his letters are hard to understand. We would be misrepresenting  the Bible to just calim that it's all easy to understand." 

"Peter doesn't say it's impossible to understand, but he says some things are hard to understand." 

Christians should commit themselves to diligence and excellence in our study of scripture, urges Plummer. 

Plummer also highlights that Christians "can disagree about secondary matters and that's OK." 

There is, however, a lot of agreement on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. 

"Sometimes people can overstate the amount of disagreement that Christians actually have, especially about the fundamental matters of the faith."

Watch the full answer below. 

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