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Sep 06, 2017 by Will Maule

89 Abortion Clinics Close After 40 Day Pro-Life Prayer Campaign

In an incredible testimony to the power of prayer, 89 abortion clinics have shut their doors following a 40-day pro-life prayer campaign. “Last week, we announced great news about three more Planned Parenthood abortion centers closing their doors. This makes a total of 89 abortion facilities that have shut down permanently following a 40 Days for Life campaign,” said campaigner Shawn Carney, according to Life News. 

“Praise God for these victories! These closures represent the growing trend that the abortion industry is struggling at the local level like never before," he continued. Carney says the kickoff to the next 40 Days for Life campaign is just weeks away, and urges people to get involved.

“Just three weeks from tomorrow, we will kick off the largest 40 Days for Life campaign ever in 375 cities,” he said. “There is frustration right now as the struggle to defund Planned Parenthood of their $500 million in taxpayer money continues. That is a fight we will continue to help with. But you can defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers — immediately — where you live.”

“When we witness the love and joy of Christ and a mom turns away, we defund the abortion industry. And more than that … we offer hope to a woman and life to her baby who came so close to losing it.”

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