Apologist Michael Ramsden


Sep 08, 2017 by Will Maule

Are There Dinosaurs In The Bible? This Academic Gives An Honest Answer

It is a question that many have sought to answer: if the Bible is an accurate historical document, why does it not record the presence of dinosaurs in, for example, the creation story? Are there any dinosaurs in the rest of Bible? Apologist Michael Ramsden attempts to answer this question at the RZIM 'Reboot' conference. 

"Well, what about dinosaurs? They were very large," Ramsden says. "There are lots of animals that used to exist that are not in the Bible. I can think of the duck-billed platypus as one that I would have liked to have seen."

"The Bible isn't the kind of book that says this tells you everything about everything. Even in the book of John it says there are so many other amazing things that Jesus did and there just isn't the space to write them down."

But is there anything in the Bible that could refer directly to the presence of dinosaurs? "There's this animal called a Leviathan which basically means something very big," says Ramsden. Then in the NIV there is the Hippoapoputsms. "Except the hippo in the Bible has a tail described as like a cedar of Lebanon. They are incredibly tall and straight about 50 feet high."

"Hippo's, the ones I've seen, generally speaking don't have tails that look like that. So some people have said well the only thing we've discovered with a tail that long would be something like a Brontosaurus."

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