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Sep 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Paul Washer Talks About The Time He Shut Down Some Cocky "Atheists"

Preacher Paul Washer does not suffer fools gladly. He is a fiery preacher and asserts his beliefs with some confidence. So, when a group of young atheist students attended one of his talks in London and began to laugh at him, his patience was tested. In this video, he explains how he responded. 

"A couple of years ago I was preaching in London. And some university students showed up. They came into the congregation and I began to preach," explains Washer. "I mentioned that I did not believe in evolution. They began to laugh in front of everybody. They were pointing at me, they were disturbing the entire audience."

"So I looked at them and I said 'excuse me, I can obviously see that you're very, very intelligent because you go to the university. I've been to a few universities myself.'"

"But since you're laughing at me, I beg you to have pity on me I obviously am not as intelligent as you are. So what I would like you to do right now. I'm going to ask you several questions about evolution."

Washer explained to them that he was going to go "step-by-step" explaining why scientifically he cannot accept evolution. Then, he invited the students to respond, one by one. 

When Paul put the first question to them, they just looked at each other, and had no answer. Paul continued, but still, the students just kept looking at each other. 

"So I stopped and looked at them. I said 'you have sat there and mocked me and laughed at me because you believe in evolution and I do not. And yet I asked you two simple questions regarding evolution. I put before you two problems I have with evolution. Not only can you not answer my questions, you don't even know what I'm talking about!'"

"That's the way so many young people are today. We just believe what anybody tells us! We just swallow it hook, line and sinker." 

Washer urges each person to think for themselves on these things and to not just accept a scientific theory as fact because it is what they were taught. 

"Some of the greatest scientists that have ever lived did not believe in it," Washer says of evolution. "Sooner or later it will be discovered as the greatest lie that has ever impacted humanity."

"Every hope that Darwin had of his theory being proved has been shattered. If there's still no fossil evidence why do they keep teaching it?"

"Because there's only one other alternative: God. And they can't accept that."

Watch Washer speak more on this below. 

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