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Sep 11, 2017 by Will Maule

What Does It Mean For Christianity If There Is Life On Mars?

As more and more is discovered about the universe in which we live, have you ever wondered what it means for the Christian faith if there is life on other planets, such as mars? Does that change anything in terms of God's plan for humanity on planet earth? Oxford Professor John Lennox answers this question at a RZIM apologetics event. 

"What do the implications of possible life on other planets mean for religion? Well, nothing so far as I know," quips Lennox.

The Bible "doesn't tell us everything," notes Lennox. "There are certain places where the Bible talks about the same universe that science talks about. 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth' is a statement about the physical universe.'"

"Isn't it interesting that in an ancient text that so many people dismiss, God named about 5 things in the universe and then he told man 'you name the animals.' Name things, and that's what we have fun doing!" 

"If the Bible doesn't talk about mars or even life on it, well then we can go and find out for ourselves." 

"But we jump to conclusions very rapidly. We think we've found water so we've found life, but have we?"

When Lennox was asked about his beliefs in "extra terrestrial beings," on a radio show, he said, "yes, one very big one. He's called God!" 

"Even the Bible says this universe is not the only one that exists. This reality is very complex," explains 

There are vast mysteries in the universe and we wonder at them. 

"So my answer to the question is I don't know anything that would affect any belief I have in God because so far it has held me in very good stead."

Watch Lennox's answer below. 

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