Couple Nigel and Sally Rowe


Sep 12, 2017 by Will Maule

Christian Parents Take Their Child Out Of Church School Over Transgender Issue

A Christian British couple has removed their child from a Church-run school after they became upset that a boy in their child's class was being allowed to identify as a girl whenever they liked. Parents Nigel and Sally Rowe are planning to mount a legal challenge against the school after their six-year-old son’s male classmate was allowed to wear a dress.

The parents said that they “show love to anyone and everyone” but were concerned the situation would cause their child “confusion," according to Huffpost UK. “It was the fact that he was identifying as a girl some days and as a boy other days," they said. "So the fact that he was dressing up in that manner and was trying to portray that particular gender on that day."

“For us, it was very difficult because it’s inconsistent,” the boys’ father told BBC 4′s Today programme on Monday.

“Our son is brought up in a way that there are boys and there are girls.”

“Many parents are concerned that they are going to have their son or daughter going to school and the next thing they know they’ve got children who are coming dressed as a different gender.”

Watch the couple talk about the issue more below. 

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