Hillsong United at Folsom prison


Sep 12, 2017 by Will Maule

Hillsong United Visit Prisoner Who Came To Christ Through Their Music

Hillsong United is one of the most recognizable worship groups in the world. Their songs of hope, love and redemption have touched millions across the globe. One man who was deeply ministered to by their music was an inmate from Folsom Prison in California. He came to Christ through their songs. So, the band decided to pay him a visit, and to worship together in the prison. 

"Through the music we've been able to create, its basically led him to Jesus," said band leader J.D. Douglass. "We're going into Folsom prison to surprise this inmate and get the opportunity to lead worship." 

“I never dreamed that I would see you,” the inmate says to band members Jonathon Douglass, Taya Smith and Matt Crocker. “It’s unbelievable.” “One day in my cell I heard the Miami concert and the music in that concert touched me in such a way that I’ll never be the same.” The inmate says Hillsong’s music has taught him “the Holy Spirit, grace and how much God loves me.”

“It’s pretty safe to say we’ve just had one of the craziest, most memorable experiences of our lives,” Douglass concluded after their visit.

Watch a video of the amazing time below. 

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