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Sep 13, 2017 by Will Maule

Is Online Church Really Enough For Christians?

In our modern day and age, an increasing number of Christians are logging on to watch live-streamed services instead of turning up to Church in person. But can this 'online Church' really be enough? Isn't so much of Church being an active part of a congregation? 

"Online church is not just necessary, it’s important, even essential. The speed, convenience and world-wide reach of the internet is a wonderful tool. The digital world is a great place to network about faith," writes Karl Vaters at Christianity Today. "But church will never be entirely digital. Screen-to-screen is no substitute for face-to-face. Digital reality cannot replace actual reality."

However, online Church can be very helpful to many people; those unable to physically make it to Church on a Sunday morning. But for those who simply do not want to head into a Church building, there are few things to consider. 

A lot of a genuine Church experienced requires "flesh-and-blood people to actually hang out in the same physical space together," urges Vaters.

"From receiving communion, to laying on hands for prayer, to working out our conflicts, a full church experience requires our physical, human presence."

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