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Sep 13, 2017 by Will Maule

Plane Crash Couple On Survival: “If You Don’t Believe In God Listen To This Story"

When California man Frank Pisano and his wife Janan headed off for a vacation in their twin engine plane, the couple had no idea the trauma, and ultimate survival, that was about to befall them. Frank, an experienced pilot, had taken his Cessna aircraft out for a flight the day before, and everything was perfect. But on this fateful Friday, every pilot's worst nightmare came true: his engines cut out and they crashed. The faith-filled couple now credits God and a series of perfectly timed miracles with saving their lives.

“At about 400 feet the right engine started sputtering. It scared the hell out of me,” Frank explains, according to God Reports. “If another couple had been in the plane it may have flipped and crashed,” he says, knowing the added weight might have doomed their chances. Other couples had been invited to go on the trip, but declined. 

“Mayday! Mayday” Frank cried to the tower.

“State your intention,” came the reply.

“I’m coming back to land at John Wayne.”

As the plane continued to lose altitude, his wife Janan realized there was only one thing she could do: cry out to God. “God is with us, God is with us,” she repeated, quietly. But when Frank put the landing gear down, the plane fell out of the sky and struck the crowded freeway below. That is when the miraculous began to occur. 

“There were light poles in the center of the freeway that I missed by inches. If I hit the light pole I would have blown up. I would be dead. That’s one of the miracles,” Frank says.

“The first miracle was at 400 feet that I was able to level the plane. I’ve been trained well, but God obviously helped.”

Then, Frank's plane clipped the front of a pick-up truck, which spun them around so the wing hit the barrier. “If we had not hit that truck, we would have gone right into the barrier headfirst and we would be dead,” Frank says. 

But guess who was in that truck? None other than John Meffert, an off-duty fire captain on Catalina Island with 21 years experience. Meffert dived out of his truck and sprinted toward the burning plane wreck.

In the picture below, you can see Meffert running towards the fiery wreck. 

 “Get the hell out of the plane…it’s going to blow," Frank yelled after waking up from being knocked unconscious. Janan managed to escape, but Frank's legs were stuck. Incredibly, the flames did not seem to touch the couple. 

Meffert arrived on the scene, threw himself into the flames and grabbed Frank. “I got you,” he said, pulling him out. 

Two more people arrived to help tend to the couple's injuries. First, an off-duty nurse. Then, a bartender. He knelt down with Janan and said “God is with you; God is with you…” the exact same prayer she prayed as they plane was coming down. 

“His training was critical,” Frank says of Meffert. “God just kept giving and giving.”

“Think about the timing,” Frank marvels. “I missed the light poles by inches and if John’s truck had been there two seconds faster my left prop would have ripped his roof right off and killed him instantly.”

“John’s timing was perfect. Nobody but God can make that happen. With that type of crash I should have been burned to a crisp.”

Due to his injuries, Frank was then put into an induced coma for just under a week. 

“I’m told that while I was unconscious people were coming into my room and placing their hands on my legs and praying. I never found out who they were," he says. 

“It’s like God put his hands around the fuselage where we were sitting and said, ‘I’m not going to let anything happen to you.'"

“I’m a firm believer in miracles,” says Meffert, “and the 30th of June was one of the biggest miracles I have seen and been apart of.”

“Prayer is so powerful!” he exclaims. The Pisanos “had Gods ear, his eyes, and his caring hands” over them “and all of us on the ground.”

“That is the biggest miracle of all time,” Frank says. “If you don’t believe in God listen to this story and tell me there isn’t a God up above. This was not luck.”

Watch footage of the crash below. 

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