Bieber Prayer

Bieber Prays For Hurricane Victims On Live TV During Fundraiser

Sep 13, 2017 by Will Maule

Pop star Justin Bieber has introduced a powerful time of prayer led by pastor John Gray during the 'Hand in Hand' celebrity telethon that raised over $44 million for relief efforts as a result of Hurricane's Harvey and Irma. 

"I'm super grateful to be part of this cause. We don't want you guys to just watch. We want you guys to be a part of this. Donate wahtever you can. I got my man here and we're gonna say a quick prayer. 

"You wanna lead it? Let's do it." 

"God, we the faith community come asking for wisdom, discernment, and compassion as we walk alongside those who have lost so much."

"In a time of great division in our nation, may we lay down our differences, pick up our common humanity with the sole purpose of serving our fellow man until hearts are healed and lives restored." 

"Though we don't yet understand the purpose of the storms, we know you will guide us through the storms. So we close this prayer not with an Amen, but with a praise rooted in an eternal hope, Hallelujah." 

Watch the prayer below. 

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