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Sep 13, 2017 by Will Maule

'It's About Time All These False Prophets Just Shut Up'

Amidst the weather phenomena that has been engulfing the United States in recent weeks, some strange voices have emerged from the faith community. They are those 'false prophets' who seek to assert their political agenda as somehow conceived in the mind of God. They are those who believe God sent a hurricane to punish people for not adhering to their political agenda.

"To the scornful derision of non-believers and the mortified embarrassment of those people of faith who strive to be also people of thought and compassion, every disaster seems to bring out some nickel prophet who claims to have divined the motives of the Almighty as surely as if God had asked his advice in advance," writes Leonard Pitts Jr at The Miami Herald. 

Pitts recalls when Jerry Falwell "notoriously diagnosed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as God’s verdict on the ACLU," a despicable claim that was condemned by many. "It is telling that the God such people conceive is always so perfectly in sync with their own politics and biases," highlights Pitts. 

Indeed, this is a huge warning sign of those "thus sayeth the Lord" types. They very rarely believe anything is of God unless it aligns with their view of the world. How ridiculous is that? 

"It never seems to occur to them, for instance, that these calamities might be God’s way of providing an opportunity for someone to be a better human, to reach a helping hand to someone else in need, to “love one another as I have loved you,"" highlights Pitts. 

"For that matter, it never seems to occur to them to just shut up. But it should."

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