Sep 13, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Is YouTube Treating Christians and Conservatives Unfairly?

Many prominent Christians and conservatives on YouTube have raised the question recently as to whether or not the web video giant is treating their channels unfairly following significant changes to their advertising policies. 

Many reports have surfaced over the last few months of several channels that are either religiously or politically conservative finding their videos marked "unsuitable for monetization" while secular or left-leaning channels seem to have no issue. 

The Christian Post spoke with a YouTube representative via email over the weekend, who denied that Christians and conservatives are being singled out, but that "political channels on the right and left" are being affected by the changes in advertising policies. 

"Back in March, we announced to creators steps we were taking to give advertisers more choice and control over the types of content they run their ads against," the spokesperson explained. "We asked creators across the platform to appeal any video that they felt was incorrectly classified by our automated systems. No system is perfect and every appeal helps our systems get smarter over time."

Since the problems arose, YouTube has consistently encouraged channels affected by these advertising policies to appeal and claims that many have been re-monetized after doing so. 

"Sometimes our systems get it wrong, which is why we've posted several blogs and in-product notices suggesting creators appeal if they feel we made a mistake," the spokesperson explained. "Channels of all types — gamers, vloggers, political channels on the right and left — have successfully appealed demonetizations."

There have been many prominent examples of outspoken Christians and conservatives experiencing demonetization. Elizabeth Johnston, the creator of many viral videos speaking out against topics like the sexualization of children by magazine Teen Vogue, has had several rejected requests to monetize her YouTube channel

Radio host and author Dr. Michael Brown has also been very vocal about the way YouTube has treated his channel, claiming a 65% revenue loss after the new advertising fees were implemented. 

Political accounts like political commentary channel Ron Paul Liberty Report and the pro-Trump duo Diamond & Silk are also among those who have been affected, but YouTube consistently claims all these content creators have had success with their appeals. 

"Many creators, including Diamond & Silk and Ron Paul, have appealed and successfully had ads reinstated on their videos," the spokesperson affirmed. 

Daniel McAdams, co-producer of the Ron Paul Liberty Report says that this is simply not the case. 

"No, all of the Ron Paul Liberty Report videos have not been re-monetized," he explained. "Even if some of the past Liberty Report episodes had been switched from 'not suitable for advertising' to 'suitable for advertising,' it makes little difference to our ability to monetize the program. Allowing a three-month old analysis of a news event to suddenly have advertisements has little to no effect, as interest in the topic has largely faded after the first 24 or so hours."

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