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Sep 14, 2017 by Will Maule

Jad Gillies Explains Why Worship Should Be Costly, Tells Incredible Story From Brazil

Worship should be costly. THat is the message that Hillsong's Jad Gillies wants to put across. Jad tells the incredible story of an old lady who was sacrificing much to get her grandkids to a worship concert held in Brazil

"We were in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We were playing the worship night. It was really cold and it was raining. I remember looking down to the left and seeing this old lady and her two grandchildren," explains Jad.

"The elderly lady was soaking wet. She looked quite ragged. It just told me that she did everything she could to obtain tickets and get to the front of a busy soccer stadium and make sure that her grand children were in the presence of God."

"These two kids were just worshipping away, and this lady had the biggest grin on her face."

“I believe there has to be sacrifice in worship.”

Watch Jad talk more below. 

This originally appeared on Hillsong Collected. Find it here

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