Teenage exorcists


Sep 14, 2017 by Will Maule

These Teen Exorcists Are Seeking To Cast Out Demons Across The Globe

A trio of Bible-toting teenage girls is seeking to take the spiritual world by storm with their unique brand of exorcism. Hailing from Phoenix Arizona, 18-year-old exorcist Brynne and her two friends the Sherkenback sisters caught up with VICE news to explain how it all works. 

"Satan can't just randomly go into anybody that he wants to. He has to have a legal right. And so what happens is, it's like a little umbrella, and when you step out from under the umbrella of God's protection when you sin. For example, if you start doing drugs, you're out from that umbrella of God's protection, and Satan's gotcha."

"So many times, we've dealt with men who've gone to prostitutes, and they've got demons. Just like you can get a sexually transmitted disease, you can get a sexually transmitted demon."

Watch the VICE video below. 

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