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Sep 19, 2017 by Will Maule

Max Lucado Explains A Biblical Way Christians Can Deal With Anxiety

Max Lucado is releasing a new book, 'Anxious for Nothing,' where he tackles the issue of worry and anxiety that plagues the lives of so many Christians on a daily basis. In a new video, Lucado explains some of his Biblical thinking on how we can deal with these issues. 

"We've all got problems. If we focus on our problems, we tend to feel overwhelmed. Moses said, 'you know what I need when I face problems, I need to see an image of God'" says Lucado. 

God answered that prayer. "Beneath the umbrella of God' protection, Moses was granted a glimpse of God's glory and that was enough to sustain him. Friend, that will be enough to sustain you."

"Today, ask God 'show me more of you,'" urges Lucado. "Counterbalance these thoughts and all of these images of my problems with an image of your ability to solve them. You have great problems, yes, but you serve a great God."

"Be anxious for nothing."

"If the Lord is near, then our problems are not. They might feel like they are. But the God who made the heavens is the one who can oversee and sustain you in the midst of this."

Watch Lucado explain this more below. 

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