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Sep 19, 2017 by Will Maule

David Platt: Accepting Jesus in Your Heart Is Totally 'Unbiblical'

If you have spent any time in an evangelical, outward-focused Church, you will have almost certainly heard the phrase 'accepting Jesus into your heart.' It is often said when someone is giving an altar call and praying the prayer of salvation with a new believer. But missionary and preacher David Platt believes we need to be careful with this one, as we can easily stray away from the Bible in our evangelical practices. 

"Should it not concern us that there is no such superstitious prayer in the New Testament?" asks Platt. "Should it not concern us that the Bible never uses the phrase 'accept Jesus into your heart'?"

"It's not the gospel. It's modern evangelism built on sinking sand, and it runs the risk of disillusioning millions of souls."

Watch Platt talk more about this below. 

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