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Sep 20, 2017 by Will Maule

Paul Washer On Why Young People Are Not Singing In Worship

Preacher Paul Washer is concerned about the way in which the younger generation worship. He says that whilst young people lack no zeal in believing and sharing the gospel, they have been taught, via the entertainment industry, to simply stand and watch whilst other people "do the worship for them." 

"I have been with a group of young people. You could not find a more dedicated group of young people. They are sincere, converted and they love the Lord. 

But they come out of contemporary evangelicalism. Even though they fast and pray, when we're in our worship service, you see that they really don't sing with great zeal. They don't put forth a joyful noise, they don't shout unto the Lord in song."

So why is that happening? 

"It's not because they don't love the Lord. It's because they've been raised in a Christianity where it has a music director, a music band, a worship team, that does almost everything. That, combined with that and a culture of entertainment, they've been taught to come into Church and watch other people do their worship for them."

"In most worship services, if you were to, in the middle of a song, pull the plug on the instrumentation and microphones, you would find that the congregation is hardly singing, even when it's filled with people who love the Lord."

"We've almost trained them to watch. And that is one of the greatest problems in evangelicalism today."

Watch Paul talk more about this below. 

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