Sep 20, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Trump's Evangelical Base Stands Behind Him Following UN Speech

This Tuesday in a speech given to the UN General Assembly in New York City, President Trump used severe language in references to current issues with North Korea, Iran, and terrorism. Many have criticized his bold language, but his evangelical base stands behind him. 

The President’s speech addressed a broad scope of topics including socialism, United Nations reform, radical terrorism, nuclear proliferation in North Korea, the Iranian funding of terrorist groups, and current events in Iraq, Syria, and Cuba, the Christian Post reports

Trump boldly stated that the United States would be prepared to "totally destroy" North Korea if it is forced to defend itself or allies from the nuclear threat under the Kim regime. He also lambasted Iranian leaders for using oil profits to finance terrorists instead of serving its own people. The President drew special attention to the fact that the United States provides a substantial portion of the United Nations budget despite being only one of the 193 nations represented therein.

As usual, many of Trump’s critics wasted no time in denouncing Trump’s threats and firm hand in his speech. However, some evangelical Christian leaders praised him for his words.

One such voice of support comes from Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist church in Dallas:

"For far too long the United States has poured countless millions of dollars into a United Nations that fights against American interests, pacifies global tyrants, promotes anti-Semitism and mismanages humanitarian crises," Jeffress claimed. "President Trump's inaugural visit to the U.N. General Assembly represents a day of reckoning for a near hopeless bureaucracy, and his inaugural speech was the most courageous speech ever delivered by any President to address that global body. Thank God for a President who will call evil 'evil.' Today, Trump was Churchill."

Along with Pastor Jeffress, evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, offered his staunch support of the President’s speech:

“[the President’s] address today to the United Nations General Assembly may have been one of the best speeches ever given to that body. It made you proud to be an American. I hope you will join me in praying for this man, that God will guide and direct him. He reminded the world, 'If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph.'"

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