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Sep 21, 2017 by Will Maule

'I Am A Christian Who Had Anorexia For Six Years'

Eating disorders affect millions, Christian or not. They are horrific things and must be addressed honestly and with sensitivity. As believers, we must understand that the Lord can help us with these issues, and trust that He will help us overcome. In a new blog at Live Original Alyssa Bethke explains her battle with anorexia, and talks of her journey through the darkness with the Lord by her side. 

"I had an eating disorder for six years. Anorexia was the name of my game," writes Alyssa. "I prayed, I read God’s Word and I trusted Him. And yet when it came to my body, somehow, I had separated it from my soul…or so I thought."

So, how is Alyssa getting through the haunting memories of her past eating disorder, and protecting herself from falling back into bad habits? "God has brought healing and freedom in this area of my life, and I continue to grow in it daily," she writes. "My awareness of how easily I could fall into this trap again makes me rely on His grace, and it makes me empathetic toward other women who struggle with the same thing."

"He’s right there with me. He is the Victor. My hope is in Him."

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