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Sep 21, 2017 by Will Maule

John Piper: "If You Get The Gospel Wrong, You Perish!"

If anyone is preaching a false gospel, 'let him be a curse,' says Pastor John Piper, citing Galatians 1:8. Teaching a false gospel is serious business, and must be firmly responded to. There is only one gospel, and that is the one with Jesus Christ at the very center. Anything else is false. 

"Let them be damned if they come preaching another gospel," exclaims Piper. "If you get the gospel wrong, you perish!" The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us joy and peace that there is an "all-satisfying glory of God," says Piper. It is an "unparalleled seriousness of joy."

We should be "astonished" by the fact so many are walking away from the true gospel.

"People you know are walking away from the gospel of grace and perishing because somebody is holding out an alternative that for some insane reasons seems superior."

John says we should experience "anger" about this huge miscarriage of justice. 

Follow the one true gospel of Jesus Christ, and share this great news! 

Watch John explain this more below. 

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