Sep 21, 2017 by Will Maule

Joyce Meyer: 'Jesus Never Defended Himself, And Neither Should We!'

We spend a lot of our time defending ourselves. But do we really need to engage in this? Often times, it is an exhausting activity that brings little to no joy. Plus, have you noticed that Jesus never felt compelled to defend himself against accusation. Perhaps we should learn from His example. Joyce Meyer explains more. 

"Jesus never defended himself no matter what he was accused of. He just simply said 'whatever you think!' You know why, because He knew who he was?" When we truly know who we are in Christ, we won't feel that compulsion to defend ourselves all the time. 

"Maybe you give one sentence of explanation, and if people still don't want it then you say 'well it's between you and God then.'" 

"I'm gonna go ahead and be my happy little self, and you guys figure it out." 

Watch Joyce talk more about this below. 

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