Todd Friel


Sep 22, 2017 by Will Maule

Todd Friel: Christians Should Be Concerned About Rick Warren's Catholic Association

Wretched Radio host and broadcaster Todd Friel has said that we should be concerned by "a movement that is increasingly dismissive of theological distinctions" between evangelicals and Catholics. It comes after popular Pastor Rick Warren says he has committed to a ministry partnership with a Roman Catholic Bishop, even hosting joint services. 

Friel highlights comments made by Warren in a conversation between him and the Orange County Bishop Kevin Vann which he says were way too 'ecumenical' and lacked distinction between the two strands of the Christian faith. 

"The Roman Catholic Church has led so many people away from truth," says Friel. "We committed to pray for each other," said Warren about his growing friendship with the Bishop. "I'm sorry, I wouldn't ask a Roman Catholic to pray for me," responds Friel. "Those prayers are not being heard especially if they are offered to a saint or to Mary."

Watch Todd talk about this some more below. 

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