Sep 25, 2017 by Will Maule

Why Does God Only Sometimes End Suffering?

It is an incredibly tough question for anyone to answer: "Why is it that God sometimes intervenes to end suffering and other times he does not?" Well, that was the exact question asked of RZIM apologist Amy Orr-Ewing at a conference, and her answer is fantastic. 

"I think for Christians, the answer for that question is rooted in Jesus' teaching about the Kingdom of God," Amy says. "Jesus spoke about God's Kingdom as something future. The Bible looks at suffering through the lense of the past but also through the future."

"There will be a day of judgement. There will be a day of reckoning when all things are made right. At that point, God will wipe tears from our eyes as a promise of ultimate eternal comfort." 

"We live in this tension, Jesus' Kingdom has come, but it is also coming."

So, what about when we see miracles happening today? "Those are the future breaking into the present," Orr-Ewing says. "How and why that happens is mysterious. One thing we do know is that that miracle occurring is in no way related to our performance."

"A miracle is a sign of that reality breaking in. It's a message from God to show us that this is true and real, not a badge of 'well done you, you've performed well and got a miracle.'"

Watch Amy's answer below. 

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