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Sep 27, 2017 by Will Maule

Billy Graham Issues Warning Against Using Mediums To Contact The Dead

Evangelist Billy Graham has warned against those who seek to contact the dead using spiritual mediums. Graham was recently asked about this by a reader who had lost their spouse, and who wanted to try and get into contact with them. "My sister says to stay away, but what do I have to lose?" the person wrote. Billy Graham offers his wisdom. 

"I strongly urge you to listen to your sister. I know this may be tempting to you—but it would be wrong in God’s eyes, and nothing good can come from it. The Bible’s command is clear: “Touch no unclean thing!” (Isaiah 52:11)," he writes at his website.

"Why do I urge you not to go down this road? One reason is because many who claim to have powers like this actually are frauds. Although they may appear to be sympathetic and say they want to help you, in reality they can’t deliver what they promise, and they’re only interested in your money."

Spiritual and demonic forces are real, highlights Graham, who further urges Christians to stay well away from engaging in them. Whilst it can be incredibly hard to say goodbye to a loved one, Graham urges the reader to turn to God for comfort, solace and peace. 

"The most important thing I can tell you, however, is that God knows all about your hurt—and He wants to help you, because He loves you. He wants to fill the empty place in your soul, and He wants to give you hope for the future," he writes. 

"Don’t turn to false paths, and don’t give in to hopelessness. Turn instead to Jesus Christ, and open your heart and life to His love today."

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