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Sep 28, 2017 by Will Maule

Vicar Andrew White Pleads For Prayer; His Wife Is Gravely Sick And He Has No Money

Canon Andrew White, otherwise known as the 'Vicar of Baghdad' needs our prayers. In several recent Facebook posts, Andrew has explained that not only is his wife gravely sick from a relapse in her M.S., but he has had all his bank accounts frozen and is unable to access any money. He says this is due to him sending a sum of money to Pakistan to help a poor Christian family.

"Could I please ask you to pray for my dear wife Caroline, who has been taken into hospital. Caroline has M.S. like me and in the past week has had a serious relapse," White, who ministered in Baghdad for years, posted to Facebook on Sept 10. "Sadly she is not in a good state and in the natural her prognosis is not good. She cannot move her arms or legs at all and can hardly talk," Andrew added a day later. 

Then, on September 22, White disclosed his financial problems. 

"As if I have not got enough problems, I now have serious problems with my bank. All of my accounts and cards have been closed down. Though there is money there, I cannot get to it. I cannot even send money to our projects in the Middle East. I think this may have had something to do with me sending a large amount of money to Pakistan to a Christian family that we know in need of medical bills paying for; they may think it is fraud or terrorism-related," he wrote. 

"I have literally spent hours on the phone to the bank. They said they could not tell me anything; they said I would have to go to the bank. So I went and they said they could tell me nothing. So I and the people we work with and support are really stuck. So I seriously need your prayer."

His latest update on Caroline is much more positive. "Caroline is so much better. She was sitting up talking drinking a little tea. Tonight she will leave ITU and go back to the ward," Andrew wrote yesterday. 

"So we are praising G-d for His healing mercies and are so pleased she is still with us. There will be much ongoing healing and restoration needed as she cannot move her legs at all, but we are believing G-d for more healing."

Keep Canon White in your prayers! 

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