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Sep 29, 2017 by Will Maule

Are Christians Starting To 'Idolize' Coffee?

There is no doubt that coffee is big business. This is no more apparent than in the Christian community. Coffee has become something of a hallmark of Church services. If you don't have coffee available, be it filter or speciality, are you even a certified Christian congregation? It raises an important question: do Christians idolize this delicious, aromatic beverage? 

"Coffee is the world's favourite legal drug, a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps half the world alert; the go-to beverage of the high-functioning business leader and the hipster alike," writes Martin Saunders at Christian Today. "In the church, coffee has taken on a worryingly important status. Not only do we dish it out before or after every service, but we tend to use it as an accompaniment to every meeting."

But are we depending on coffee to keep us working hard, when we should be relying on the strength of the Lord? It may sound like a trivial question, but it is an important one. "What's really dangerous is what addicted, continuous coffee consumption is doing to us," writes Saunders.

"Aside from the debated health effects, and the fact that it can lead to seriously antisocial breath issues, caffeine drinks are designed to help us do even more in a culture of endless distractions and opportunities, when what we really need is regular rest."

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