Oct 04, 2017 by Isabella Cox

Dr. Michael Brown: America Is Sick, And Only God Is Capable To Heal

As an accomplished apologist, author, professor, and radio host, Dr. Michael Brown has long been a steadfast beacon of Christ’s truth in America.  He has penned many thoughtful books to guide believers including treatises on homosexuality in and out of the Christian community, responses to Jewish objections to Christian teachings, and his newest work, Saving A Sick America.

Meaning every word of its eye-catching title, Dr. Brown seeks to shake Christians in America out of their comfort and complacency and inspire them to wake up to the state of their surroundings:

“In my heart, I felt that I was to address how urgent the situation was, how sick the nation was, and yet there is a blessed future for us. In God, there can be great revival, great awakening, and perhaps even our best days still ahead.”

While many contemporary Christian “watchmen” fixate on temporal issues of politics, economy, or culture separately, Dr. Brown ties all of America’s symptoms together in one comprehensive diagnosis: we have a spiritual sickness which merely manifests itself in society.

Dr. Brown explains, “our number one issue is our lack of consciousness of God. [We are] so materialistic, we are so carnal, we are so worldly. We think the world revolves around us. The [Biblical?] mentality is, ‘this is who God is, this is how He feels, and we are here to please Him,’ but our American mentality is, ‘this is who I am, this is how I feel, and God is here to please me.’”

The gradual adoption of the belief that such things as right, wrong, truth, or morality are totally situational, subjective, or up to personal interpretation has been extremely “deadly and destructive” in Dr. Brown’s view.

While it took many generations to reach this state, Dr. Brown stresses the utter urgency of America’s condition and describes the United States as being at a “tipping point”:

“There’s a whole generation that’s growing up with a culture of death where abortion has been the norm, where entertainment is so filled with death, where the family is being redefined and torn apart, where so much of the church is in compromise, where sexual immorality is so rampant… it’s hard to imagine what we would look like if we keep going down for another generation.”

In spite of the growing trends in American churches to adopt a soft, almost universalist approach, Dr. Brown admonishes Christian leaders who stand idly by or, at worst, embrace sin in the culture: “...rather than the church changing the world, the world has changed the church. We have not fulfilled our role as being salt and light. The world is always going to be worldly. Sinners are always going to sin. That’s not the surprise. The surprise is that the church has compromised, that the same condition we see in the world, we see in the church… Repentance must begin with us.”

In contrast to the “hypergrace”-inspired acceptance of sin in American churches, Dr. Brown also points to the conservative churches who have instead given up their responsibility to reach the lost: “If we think, ‘it’s all over, Jesus is coming any minute, everything is going downhill, there’s no hope of change...’ to the extent that we abdicate and have an escapist mentality and a pessimistic mentality, we’re not helping anything."

While Saving A Sick America is rife with dire warnings, Dr. Brown never fails to balance his message by continually pointing the reader back to God and His Word, the only source of truth and hope for this fallen world. Dr. Brown explains:

“God’s word has an answer for every single situation we face. For every crisis we face, God’s word has a definite and specific answer… what I seek to do in the book, chapter after chapter, is show if we’ll follow God’s ways, they’ll get us out of the path of death, they’ll get us out of the path of depravity. There’s a chapter, 'From Playboy To Purity', about how we can have a revolution of sexual purity, again not based on legalism, but based on God’s principles of life.” 

Fewer and fewer Americans can remember–or were even alive–a time when Biblical principles guided our way of life. Christian morality seems to be becoming a relic of a Puritanical past. Dr. Brown states that it is the return to exactly that moral foundation that holds the key to true revival in America: “If we can recover that in our homes, if we can recover that in our lives, it will get us back on a path of life. And, again, from our debt to our obesity, whatever it is that we’re struggling within our society, God’s word has the answer.”

America’s wounds are deep, but all is not truly lost. While the book may seem alarmist, Dr. Brown explains his “massive optimism” and concludes with a message of hope.

“We have fallen very, very deeply. We have fallen to a place of unspeakable depravity in many ways. We have gone further than any other generation has gone in our nation in certain ways, and yet it’s not the end of the story. There are millions of godly believers who are seeking God, and I believe that God still has a purpose for our nation, that He has not cast us off beyond all hope. So, we must live in this holy tension: great hope, but great urgency at the same time.”

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