Girl with blind eyes


Oct 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Little Girl Has Her Sight Restored By Christian Missionaries: "Jesus Opened My Eyes"

Whilst many of us have had an experience of having the 'eyes of our hearts' opened to see Jesus Christ, few of us will have ever had our actual sight restored from almost total blindness. But that is the remarkable story of 8-year-old Lourdes "Lila" Iputi, and she is giving God all the praise along the way!

The American Samoa girl has been in the US for several weeks, staying with mission workers to her home nation. "I volunteered,” said Eva Mulitauaopele, or “Pele” as she's known, according to WTXL. “I felt the Lord was saying, ‘You take her.’ Nobody else could. I was willing to help this child."

Pele and her husband, who is from American Samoa, are involved in medical mission work on the island. They took Lila to the doctors, and it was clear that she had late-stage cataracts which was causing almost total blindness. The surgeons decided it was time to act. 

"The vision connection from the eye to the brain develops up until about age 10,” Dr. Pogrebniak said. "And those cells in the lateral geniculate actually gradually die out if they're not used. So, it was important to get her here while she was young. Not only for the quality of her life -- because once she sees her learning is going to improve, her understanding of the world will improve.”

"It's not just about me, it's not even about Lila,” Pele said. “It's about what God can do when a community comes together. A community in American Samoa and a community here in South Carolina joining hands to help this beautiful child to see! Isn't that amazing?"

“I feel beautiful and nice," said Lila. "Jesus opened my eyes"

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