Singer George Michael


Oct 11, 2017 by Will Maule

George Michael Says He Felt "Picked On By God" In Interview Before Death

In an interview shortly before his death, singer George Michael revealed that he felt he had been "picked on by God." Michael passed away on Christmas Day last year, but put together a series of interviews for a documentary entitled George Michael: Freedom which will be aired later this month. 

"I hope people think of me as someone who had some kind of integrity. I hope I'm remembered for that, very unlikely," the singer said in the documentary, according to E News. He added: "I think it's all been a waste of time, a waste of effort." Michael, who was openly homosexual, talks of his devastation when he found out that his partner had HIV. Anselmo Feleppa passed away in 1993. George also talked of his mother's illness which took hold of her shortly afterwards.

"Then when my mum got cancer," he said. "I felt so bloody picked on by God. I took it very badly, very badly indeed. I've never felt that kind of depression."

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