National Anthem

Farmer Mows Pro-Anthem Sign Into His Field: "It's All About Honoring The Flag"

Oct 11, 2017 by Will Maule

Gene Hanson is a North Dakota is a farmer who wanted to make his views known when it comes to the NFL national anthem controversy. So, he decided to mow a message of support for the anthem into his fields. It has since gone viral, even capturing the attention of President Trump himself. 

"I go out in the bean field and I usually count the number of rows for the lengths and the widths of the letters," explains Gene, who heads out to his field on his tractor to carve the messages into his fields. "I have a homebuilt plane. I go up and take a picture. If put it on Facebook and it sometimes goes viral." 

"I don't agree with the NFL and their kneeling for the anthem," he tells Fox News.

"I think it's not because of black, white, brown, republican or democrat, its all about honoring the flag and the many men and women that died for our country."

"They should be honored for that."

Watch Gene talk below. 

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